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We fix forms

From customer leads to patient records, all organisations rely on effective and efficient data collection. The tools and applications through which such data is gathered are called “forms”.

We help organisations do more with less by fixing their forms.

Our services:

  • advice on design of existing forms and forms management business processes;
  • design of new forms, or redesign of existing forms;
  • training in form design best practice and forms strategy; and
  • research into what makes forms work.

Interested in engaging Formulate?

Surveys show 100% of our clients are very satisfied with our services. Contact us to discuss options, learn more about what form design involves or meet our Principal, Jessica Enders.

Want to learn about good forms design?

We suggest a training workshop, exploring our best practice articles, reading about the research we've been conducting lately or checking out the latest news from Formulate.

Photo of a man in a business suit, squished into a cardboard box

Except for in some very special circumstances, the research shows you shouldn't separate paper form text fields into individual characters.

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Part of the cover of the original Mad Libs book, showing a series of slightly mad-looking hand-drawn faces.

The last couple of years have seen a renewal of interest in ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ — or ‘Mad Libs’ — forms.

New Formulate research shows that in most cases, you'd be mad to use the mad libs approach.

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