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Coles Insurance, Making Links and UXmatters

3 November 2010
Screenshot of part of the Coles Car Insurance website

Formulate designs groundbreaking online insurance quoting and purchasing

In July 2010, Coles released a new car insurance product, sold online and over the phone. On 18 October, they added home insurance to their portfolio.

Formulate has been working closely with both Wesfarmers General Insurance and Coles to design the web-based quoting and purchasing interface for these insurance products. With a brief to provide a clear, simple and engaging user interaction, Formulate was encouraged to use all our form design knowledge and skills, and challenge the status quo where that would mean a better experience for the customer. We were also able to engage in plenty of user testing, something that we feel is invaluable if a design project is to be effective and innovative.

We're delighted to have had this opportunity, and look forward to working further with both brands as their offers evolve. We'd also like to say thanks to Donna Spencer of Maadmob and Joel Flom (then of Elavision, now Lead Experience Architect at Effective UI) for their assistance.

We invite you to find out more about Coles Insurance and keep an eye out for future articles discussing some particular elements of the design, right here on the Formulate website.

Formulate speaking at Making Links conference

Making Links is a conference about “the intersection of social action and IT”. Held 15-17 November 2010 at the State Library of Western Australia, there will be a great range of talks: from iPhone app development to connecting with isolated communities; from organisational ICT management to using social media to facilitate cross-cultural engagement.

Formulate is looking forward to participating in the conference. Jessica will be presenting a session on designing online forms on Tuesday 16 November. After all, we hate to see organisations that are trying to make a real difference to our world have their efforts undermined by forms that are poorly designed.

If you're coming to the conference please pop by and say hello – we're always keen to get to know our readers and other interested folk in person.

Formulate article about fashionable web forms published in UXmatters

Popular online user experience magazine UXmatters has published an article by Formulate. The article — titled “Fashionable Web Forms: Traps and Tips” — aims to critically examine some current web form design trends. We look at the following somewhat-novel approaches to forms and see just how positive or otherwise their contribution to the user experience might be:

  • unconventional label placement;
  • creative required field indicators;
  • sliders; and
  • hidden contextual help.

We have a feeling that some of the arguments presented in the article may be contentious, and look forward to a rigorous and informed debate.

For further information about anything in this news update contact:

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